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About Us

We are a family farm practicing sustainable farming methods, and providing chicken, turkey, eggs, and pork to our local community.
We raise all our poultry rotationally on the pasture. This management system allows our birds to live healthy clean lives free of medications, antibiotics or hormones. Our pigs are raised in wooded paddocks that are frequently rotated where they get to roam, forage and root. All our animals are supplemented with non-GMO feed. Our feed is purchased directly from a Mennonite mill in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.
We work hard to produce high quality, nutritional, and great tasting food in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.
As Christians we seek to be good stewards of the land God has provided us. In 2011, we began selling the products we enjoy ourselves. We enjoy the hard, rewarding work of farming, and we get to appreciate the miracles of God's wonderful creation first hand. In 2015 Benjamin and his sister Rebekah completed an internship at Polyface Farm with Joel and Daniel Salatin. Coming back to the farm we have been able to directly apply many things learned from their time at Polyface. Today the daily farm operations are primarily run by the Benjamin and his wife Lydia with their four children - Joy, Nathaniel, Shiloh, and Nora. Rebekah also still works part time at the farm and drives many of the deliveries. We encourage you to ask questions about how your food is raised, have a relationship with your local farmer, and make deliberate choices about where you purchase your food, considering the quality and methods of production - particularly local production.

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